Christoffer Rudquist started his career documenting conflicting situations. By and by, he has put to use his naturally keen eye to developing a clean, yet humane style with strong sense for detail. He has a winning formula that has secured Christoffer's position as core contributor to leading architecture/interior titles such as Wallpaper and AD France. He additionally shoots for Wired. 2008, 2009 Grafik magazine relied on him exclusively to set the tone and to create new and exciting still life. Christoffer has been handpicked by visionary art directors at Wieden+Kennedy, Winkreative, and +rehabstudio to work on campaigns in the UK, wider Europe, and Japan.

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Latest Projects

Snow in Kyoto

 Christoffer Rudquist gives us a tranquil gaze of snow falling in Kyoto - Japan. 

Snow in Kyoto

 Christoffer Rudquist gives us a tranquil gaze of snow falling in Kyoto - Japan. 

Coffee with Christoffer Rudquist.

Professional Photographer Christoffer Rudquist gives an insight into the world of Interior Photography along with key industry advice.

Everything you didn't know about Vantablack, the darkest colour on Earth.

This month Photographer Christoffer Rudquist & Audi Magazine got up close and personal with the intrinsic process which has brought you the darkest colour on the planet...

Professional Tips on Effective Interior Photography

We caught up with photographer Christoffer Rudquist to recap on his recent shoot for Tatler Magazine and get tips on shooting interior. 

Christoffer Rudquist & The Big Black Book, Esquire.

We recap on the versatile, creative relationship and most recent work by Christoffer Rudquist for Esquire's Big Black Book. 

Christoffer Rudquist's 3 Robot Dance

This is probably the most visually satisfying and strangely romantic video you have seen all week.

Christoffer Rudquist x Star Wars Celebration Europe

Christoffer Rudquist realistically captures the surreal tone of this year's Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Christoffer Rudquist x Field Day Interior Design Studio

Christoffer Rudquist unerringly captures the conceptual principles of Field Day Interior Design Studios latest project "The Penthouse, Blackfriars".

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