Haris Nukem has been making a steady rise with his stylistic brand of portraiture since 2014. Nukem’s work documents the varied faces of human animalism, capturing moments of heightened freedom- be it through love, friendship, opulence, sex, or celebration. His subjects exhibit an unbridled ease, enabling him to capture their fall into various stages of indulgence, chaos or triumph. Haris’ following owes to his passion for vivacious characters, consistently as dark as they are vibrant. What the images offer in grit is matched equally by vivid emotion, while their provocative nature is offset by interesting, burning hues. As Nukem is delightfully aware of our capacity for carnal behaviour, he strives to pay respect and discipline. Subjects exude the strength of their conviction, portraying a “work hard, play hard” attitude. The result is a body of work which documents our intense relationships with ourselves, peers, partners and our work through a supremely impassioned lens.



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Latest Projects

Haris Nukem x Huntar-Pony feat. Gucci Mane!

Watch the full music video for Huntar feat Gucci Mane -Pony! Directed by DMB's own Haris Nukem!

An Interview with Noose & Monkey

We caught up with Noose & Monkey to discuss everything from industry tips, to inspirations and what it is like to work within industry of tailoring. - Imagery shot by Haris Nukem 

DMB interview IMMA #Lovewins

We catch up with IMMA a visual artist from Alabama - shot by Haris Nukem for upcoming cover for Noctis Magazine Issue XVI 



Wires by Kovic.

Photographer and Filmmaker Haris Nukem shoots and directs the latest music video for Kovic. Part one of a seven part series. 

Empathy & I. A Haris Nukem x Ballantine’s Collaboration.

Photographer Haris Nukem collaborates with Ballantine's Whisky on new visual biography project. Produced by DMB.  

There's something about Marla, a Haris Nukem Exclusive.

We catch up with Haris Nukem to discuss creativity & cult classics. 

Behind the scenes with The Hunna & Haris Nukem on the 100 Tour.

Behind the scenes with Killstar, Marilyn Manson and Haris Nukem.

Haris Nukem x LFW ON/OFF Project

Haris Nukem teams up with ONOFF in conjunction with London Fashion Week to produce an incredible visual campaign supporting emerging designers.

Haris Nukem Directs "The Hunna - Bonfire" Music Video

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