Pam works at the Barbican estate laundrette. David (cofounder of design studio B.A.M.) has been one of her customers for 20 years. David and Pam have formed an unlikely, somewhat dysfunctional friendship. David has become obsessed with Pam’s ephemeral signage, all made with the same red and blue letterforms, neatly arranged on lined paper. ⁣

“I can tell when he’s had someone over because of what he brings in the next day,” says Pam “... Serviettes! You don’t use serviettes unless you’re entertaining someone else”⁣

Harley Davidson

Alex de Mora shoots new Motor Clothes campaign for Harley Davidson 

Painted Faces

Lauren Maccabee shoots new painted faces personal project

Dinner's Ready

Nadia Lee Cohen directs 'Dinner's Ready' starring Sophia Loren for GCDS x BARILLA, inspired by the 1960’s technicolor back lots from the films of Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock

Virgin Galactic

Steven Counts shoots the space-wear system for Virgin Galactic astronauts designed in collaboration with Under Armour 

Gucci Grip

Clémentine Schneidermann shoots the spirit of skateboarding featuring the Gucci Grip watch in collaboration with artist Zoltar Kieron

Calvin Klein

Jenna Gang shoots new work for Calvin Klein

Sleek Magazine

Martin Parr shoots cover story for Sleek Magazine, where he held a fashion shoot at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol

It's Nice That

Lauren Maccabee shoots Pam, worker at the Barbican estate laundrette and her customer David's (cofounder of design studio B.A.M.) unlikely, somewhat dysfunctional friendship

Adidas VRCT

Alex de Mora shoots Adidas VRCT featuring dancer Mette Towley

ES Magazine

Martin Parr shoots Grayson Perry as his alter ego Claire for the latest Evening Standard Magazine Cover Story

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