Printed Matters

At DMB we wanted to do something special to raise money for the NHS during these difficult times. So we’ve launched Printed Matters - DMB Artist Print Sale Fundraiser.

19 Artists, 38 Prints.

Fundraising for Imperial Health Charity.
From 3rd May until 17th May.
All prints are priced at £100.

View the fundraiser at

Featured artists include:
Alex de Mora, Amanda Fordyce, Christoffer Rudquist, Elliot James Kennedy, Emily Maye, Finn Taylor, Hannah Sider, Ian Weldon, James-Lee Duffy, Jenna Gang, Johnnie Izquierdo, Kevin Tachman, Lauren Maccabee, Lou Escobar, Mackenzie Stroh, Martin Parr, Nadia Lee Cohen, Simon Roberts and Steven Counts.

Printed Matters

DMB Artist Print Sale Fundraiser. 19 Artists, 38 Prints. Fundraising for Imperial Health Charity. From 3rd May until 17th May.

Christie's Magazine

Christoffer Rudquist shoots Hikonobu Ise and his collection for the April Issue of Christie's Magazine

Gucci Community

“These photos are about joy and to show that despite these dark times, there is light at the end of the tunnel,” photographer Bruce Gilden is part of the Gucci Community lineup of artists and talents expressing a message of empathy, kindness and well-being through creativity.

L'Officiel Paris

New cover story of Puma Rose for L'Officiel Paris shot by Lauren Maccabee


Emily Maye shoots Spring 2020 Lookbook in Flagstaff Arizona for Tracksmith

Schon Magazine

Elliot James Kennedy shoots new editorial for Schon Magazine

Man About Town

Andrew Scott cover story for Man About Town shot by Lauren Maccabee


New self portraits shot by Nadia Lee Cohen for GCDS

Gucci Community

Martin Parr captures a series of images inside his home in Southwest England during social distancing lockdown

Airmax Day

Airmax Day images for Footlocker shot by Hannah Sider

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