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Multi-disciplinarian James-Lee Duffy is an Artist, Creative Director, branding expert, curator, and co-founder of the art zine Pavement Licker. James has worked and led creative agencies for over two decades. In 2010 he founded We Are Shadows studio allowing him to collaborate with other creatives and grow his own portfolio, he is now represented by DMB Represents. James has the rare ability to find the gold that lives between too safe and too controversial. Heavily influenced by sub-cultures and underground scenes, he was part of the vanguard of the street art explosion in London at the beginning of this century. James carries this anarchic way of thinking into his work to cut through the white noise. He uses his vast knowledge and passions to produce truly authentic, culturally significant pieces with a maverick flare and commercial focus. His work has been banned by London Underground, worn by supermodels, exhibited in New York, London and Tokyo, read on the toilet, been drunk out of, written about, printed in coffee table books, scrawled on the walls of the Saatchi Gallery, tattooed on human skin, broadcast on the news, stuck on kid’s lunch boxes and displayed on Europe’s biggest billboard.
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James-Lee Duffy
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