A Kid From Clondalkin - DMB Represents
A Kid From Clondalkin

A beautiful personal project by Johnnie Izquierdo – Aidan Story: Aidan Harris-Igiehon was born in Ireland. Aidan moved to the United States at the age of 12 to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Growing up in Ireland, basketball is not a traditional sport in the country so once Aidan saw some promise and potential he knew that moving to America was his only option. At the age of 12 Aidan had already outgrown his classmates and even dunked his first basketball in middle school. He had to leave his mother in Ireland and went on to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Brooklyn, NY where he would being to start a new life and pursue basketball. Aidan had went on to refine his skills and continue to grow – 6’10 240 pounder by the time he was a junior at Lawrence Woodmere Academy in New York. He became a top 50 National prospect and sought after by colleges across the country. This is Aidan’s first time seeing his family and friends in 2 years and the first back home since all of the national recognition. Ireland had scheduled a week long of camps and exhibitions that would be featuring Aidan. Aidan suits up for the Dublin Lions during his visit back home to Ireland.