NO.10 As I Faced the Nothingness - DMB Represents
NO.10 As I Faced the Nothingness

Featuring Brook Power, Jamie Hewlett, Esme Puke, Mr Bingo, GILF, Anthony Lister, Shepard Fairey, Charlotte Jansen, Aldo Lugo, Glyn Duffy, Simon Davies, H.Y.T. Studio, Jim Matthews, Paul Camo, Rugman, The Real Dill, Andrew Rae and Lexie Smith.

The same artist as in Issue 9 appears in this one as Anonymous too. And there’s another Anonymous but that was a writer who wrote a true story and didn’t want his wife to read it and get in trouble. There are two anonymouses (anonymice?) in this one. We didn’t print enough of these and they sold out so we had to get more done such was the demand. Which was nice.