NO.5 From The Kicks to The Whips - DMB Represents
NO.5 From The Kicks to The Whips

Contributors for this one included Antony Micallef, Arofish, Dan Hillier, David Shrigley, Dolly Demoratti, Jeremyville, Ian Stevenson, John Slade, Joe Doran, Kelsey Brookes, Matthew Green, Andrew Rae, Paul Insect, Paul Sethi, Pure Evil and Mysterious Al.

This was weird one. A friend worked in the repro dept at the HSBC headquarters and stayed late to print a load off for us and when we picked them up he’d shrunk all the artwork by 25%. So Josh took them to Bestival and gave them out for free. Then we had to wait a while and get them printed at the proper size. We’re sure HSBC never noticed the paper stock going down.