NO.8 Let Out The Hounds - DMB Represents
NO.8 Let Out The Hounds

Featuring contributions from Shepard Fairey, Paul Insect, Daniel David Freeman, Anthony Lister, Andrew Rae, Matthew Green, Emily Evans, Chrysa Koukoura, Mr Bingo, Kenn Goodall, Lauren Berry, Kelsey Brookes, Steven Appleby, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Pure Evil, Dean Martin, Arofish, Cameron Farrelly, Charlie Mellow, Tom Medwell, John Slade, Dora Dewsbery.

We stuck with the previous Alan for the printing of this one as he did an excellent job. We also held a launch party on the hottest day of the year in a basement gallery on Leonard St and EVERYBODY got so hot their make up slid off.