NO.9 Sorry About the Weather - DMB Represents
NO.9 Sorry About the Weather

Featuring John Slade, Jon Burgerman, Pure Evil, Brook Power, GILF, Emmy The Great, Kelsey Brookes, Dawn Wilton, Daniel Rhatigan, Marco Bevilacqua, Natasha Gornik, Anthony Lister, Lon Wenger, Lauren Berry, Andrew Rae, Matthew Green.

Unfortunately Alan and his printing company felt the pinch of the recession and weren’t around to do this issue and had to find someone new. We printed far too many of these – they are literally coming out of our ears. Please do take one if you want. A really, really, really famous – probably the most famous artist in the world contributed to this one and then at the last minute asked if we could put their name as Anonymous in the contributors list. Why not play a fun game of guessing who that person is.