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Lloyd Pursall is a UK-born photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His creative journey began with a deep passion for visual storytelling, leading him to pursue a photography degree at the renowned London College of Fashion. In 2017, he began "To Live and Try in LA”, a now annual portrait series that has gained recognition from brands like Nike, Red Bull, and ASOS. Lloyd's vibrant use of color and ability to evoke emotions in his images showcase the essence of individuals in his commercial, music, and editorial work. Collaborating with esteemed names such as Burberry, Nike, NFL, Moschino, Calvin Klein, Billie Eilish, and John Boyega, he has consistently produced visually striking and thought-provoking work. Lloyd creates art that breaks barriers and fosters unity. With an unwavering commitment to capture the essence of his subjects, Lloyd Pursall continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, capturing the beauty and depth of the human experience through his lens.
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