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Imogene Barron is a photographer and Creative Director based between Los Angeles and Europe. Mesmerized with traveling means you will often find her at any corner of the globe.  Imogene grew up in a small town in Australia. Raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, heavily influenced by music, art, photography and individuality, she left school at an early age to pursue a career in fashion.  By the time she had hit her early 20’s she was Fashion Directing two titles, Dazed + Confused Australia and Yen Magazine. She later moved onto Fashion Director at Oyster Magazine, simultaneously starting to publish her own independent publication; LoveWant Magazine. She worked as a freelance stylist in Sydney and moved to Los Angeles where she founded Junk Magazine. It was in LA that she began to pick up the camera, traveling the world she started to document the places and the people she surrounded herself with. Los Angeles a city obsessed with perfection she found beauty in the imperfections, mirroring her raw and unapologetic approach to styling with her photography. For Imogene it’s all about the connection with the subject, it’s a moment captured in time with an overarching sense of realness. prefers a run and gun style approach keeping things spontaneous and living in the moment and as a result capturing the most authentic imagery.

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