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Lorenzo Cisi is an Italian Director and Photographer based in Los Angeles. He is relentless about finding an ideal perspective to tell a story and his inspirations are deeply influenced by music, travels and subcultures. For Lorenzo, directing is about highlighting authentic moments and crafting intriguing stories around his subjects to keep viewers engaged. He is known for employing contrasting visual techniques and has recently directed spots for Maison Margiela, Zara, Givenchy and Bulgari to name a few. Lorenzo is originally from Rome, Italy and has a wide educational background in both film and fashion. He has a BA in Digital and Virtual Design from IED (European Institute of Design), took Masterclasses at the Gnomon School of VFX in Los Angeles and has a Masters of Art degree in Fashion Media Production from the renowned London College of Fashion. Lorenzo is also part of the collective-WYLDERS BUYERS CLUB with his life partner Taylor Glover. Together the duo strive to seamlessly connect brands with communities, artists and subcultures providing an in-depth creative direction development and image making through films, exhibitions and tangible materials. When Lorenzo is not on set he's traveling the roads on Harley Davidson choppers, surfing waves around the world or sailing in search of treasures..

  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-GHANA_LC-8048
  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-Travelling Dreams - Lorenzo Cisi
  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-GHANA_LC-8088
  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-What Mother Ocean Gives - Taylor Glover
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  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-Mutiny
  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-Lurve
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  • DMB-Lorenzo-Cisi-Hm-Giuliva
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Lorenzo Cisi